Our History
Super Enerji was founded in 1983 and operates in Coal Mining and predominantly in Imported Coal, First imported coal have landed in Turkey in 1996. There after following sites have been taken into operation Kocaeli in 1997, Izmir in 1999, Adana in 2005, Trabzon in 2010 and lately Tekirdağ in 2013.

Super Komur underground mining operation commenced in Edirne/Uzunkopru in 2009 solely owned by Super Enerji. Super Enerji has a strategic role of having first and only washing plant Edirne Reagon.

Super Enerji is the leading company with 5 different processing plants around the Turkey. The company's core philosophy is that "best quality and service" That philosophy took and place us with in the Leading Companies in the market.

Super Enerji A.S. operates with following 5 different brands. Super Karbon, Super Enerji, Komur Ofisi, Safyak and Biokarbon around the Turkey. In today's market Super Enerji serves its customers import, sales and distributions network with wide range of products.

Super Enerji understand the importance of improvements and innovations. Super Enerji would like to intend to keep his position as leading company to the market.
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